All-in-one full-band reconnaissance equipment

This all-in-one full-band reconnaissance equipment features high integration, good expandability, and strong adaptability.
It can be integrated with other security systems and is suitable for long-term fixed protection in key areas such as aviation airports, power facilities, petrochemicals, large venues, and military sites.
It is also mobile and can be deployed for dynamic escort protection in public security law enforcement, armed police special duties, and military patrols.
Detection frequency band
Key frequency band
400MHz、900MHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz(Optionally set)
Detection range
≥ 10km
Direction finding accuracy
Measured quantity
≥ 30
Reconnaissance Angle
360°whole airspace
Structure size
630mm *630mm * 630mm
≤ 20kg


Passive detection technology, no impact on the sure rounding environment zero interference

Highly integrated

The module is integrated in a protec ti ve cover, no attached working unit,it operates as soon as power is supplied.

Networking location

The acting distance extends indefinitely

Full model library

With full band detection capability, it can cover more than 98% models on the market

Good scalability

It can be integrated with radar, photo electric jamming, navigation decoy and other systems

Strong flexibility

Convenient transportation deployment, strong mobility
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