UAV and UAV defense

In recent times, the deployment of cutting-edge technology in the military sector has been gaining momentum, with intelligent unmanned systems emerging as a crucial component in modern warfare. Major global military powers are placing significant emphasis on the implementation of intelligent unmanned systems technology in their armed forces. In the years to come, these systems are anticipated to profoundly alter combat methodologies and challenge the established norms of warfare. As science and technology advancements continue, our company has pioneered new UAV and UAV defense projects, which have been meticulously refined and incorporated into military operations.

Our company specializes in the military industry and is dedicated to military special signal reconnaissance and countermeasures, communication and SAR simulation, low, small, and slow target prevention and control, as well as system integration and technology research. Guided by a doctoral team from the National University of Defense Technology and the University of Electronic Science and Technology, our R&D team is composed of top-tier domestic universities, including those with doctoral and master’s degree holders.

With outstanding equipment performance, reliable system capability, and a robust service infrastructure, the company has emerged as the industry’s preeminent provider of system-level integrated anti-zero solutions.

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