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On April 15, the 2023 10th World Radar Expo came to a successful conclusion at the Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing. The World Radar Expo is approved by the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission and serves as a guiding unit. It is the only national, professional and international radar industry exhibition in China.

This expo is co-sponsored by China Radar Industry Association, China Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd. and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. It focuses on the theme of “radar integrates the world, digital intelligence leads the future”, focuses on radar cutting-edge technology and industrial application empowerment, and comprehensively displays the field of radar and electronic information. New technologies, new products and new formats, while promoting the high-quality development of the radar industry, create an ecological system of open cooperation and collaborative innovation.

The exhibition area of this Expo covers 5 pavilions, including indoor and outdoor sections. China Electric Power Technology participated in the exhibition with 32 member units, with an exhibition area of more than 5,000 square meters, the highest in history. The expo gathered nearly 500 enterprises to actively participate. More than 100 academicians and experts at home and abroad have contributed new ideas and solutions around hot topics in the field of radar and electronic information. More than 50 envoys from 24 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America attended the Expo and 20 held at the same time. 23 The third “Radar and Future” Global Summit was full of people at the scene, which was unprecedented.

This Expo focuses on creating three exhibition areas: radar-enabled defense security, radar-enabled industry, cutting-edge technology and digital economy, with special interactive experience areas, focusing on the application achievements and broad prospects of advanced technologies such as radar and electronic information-related fields in the development of national defense equipment and smart cities, intelligent transportation, meteorological hydrological, smart agriculture, smart medical care, disaster.

Radar empowers thousands of industries in the exhibition area, and a large number of advanced meteorological detection radar products are gathered and exhibited. These exhibits are not only from the “big country heavy equipment” of “national team” enterprises, but also from a large number of “specialized and new” small and medium-sized enterprises. They comprehensively show the fruitful achievements of China in the field of meteorological.

The “Radar Cross-border Enabling Industry Development and Investment and Financing Summit Forum” invited more than 200 experts, scholars and leaders from scientific research institutes, radar industry enterprises and innovative enterprises to discuss the cross-integration of radar industry and cutting-edge technologies and the topic of investment and financing opportunities, aiming to build a connection between projects and investment institutions. The bridge promotes the deep integration and development of the financial and radar industries.

With the rise of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, radar technology is increasingly integrated into all fields and processes of economic and social development. The holding of diversified and accurate activities not only enriches the content of this expo, but also promotes the integrated development of government, industry, learning, research, gold, service and application, forming a full-element industry ecology with cohesion, exhibition to promote production, and production utilization, which will certainly promote the prosperity and development of the field of radar and electronic information.

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