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We are an innovative company in the field of drones and related technologies. We focus on the independent research and development of drones and drone defense equipment , and have an efficient and professional technical team.  We have high-quality and low-price, and our team has more than 10 years of UAV experience, has a stable customer base in China, and is now promoting our products to the world, and is committed to building our company into the world’s first-class UAV and UAV countermeasure equipment supplier.


UAV defense system

Outpost – Detective Series、Hidden Shield – Chada Integrated Series、Cloud Shield – Scramble Series、UAV Defense System Charges Platform


Plant protection drones、Firefighting drones、FPV、Police drones etc. Customized for your needs


UAV and UAV defense

In recent times, the deployment of cutting-edge technology in the...

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